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Spartan, abstract, accepting, armed with patience, balanced, calm, cogitative, commonsense, composed, contemplative, cool, coolheaded, detached, disciplined, down-to-earth, endurant, enduring, equable, equanimous, erudite, esoteric, even-tempered, forbearing, imperturbable, impractical, indulgent, judicious, learned, lenient, level-headed, levelheaded, logical, long-suffering, longanimous, meditative, moderate, patient, patient as Job, peaceful, persevering, philosophic, philosophicojuristic, philosophicoreligious, placid, practical, pragmatic, pragmatical, quiet, rational, realistic, reasonable, reflective, sane, scholarly, self-controlled, sensible, serene, sober, sober-minded, sophistical, sound, stoic, stoical, temperate, theoretical, thoughtful, tolerant, tolerating, tolerative, tranquil, unconcerned, understanding, unemotional, unimpassioned, unperturbed, unruffled, well-balanced

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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